1. Can I ask any personal or fiqh questions here?

Zeena Alkurdi -

Our instructors are unable to answer individually to personal or Fiqh related questions. Our advice in this situation is to refer to a local trusted authority (Imam or scholar) or Masjid.

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    Mehr Malik

    My friend left her husband 7 years ago because he was very abusive. Now she wants to remarry. He did not divorce her and she never file application for khulah. She filed her application in this Jan 2016. Can she remarry without the marriage certificate.

    Thank you,

    Mehru Malik

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    shana mol

    is lovemarriages allowed in islam ?

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    How to reply to a question about mohamed salla allah alayhi wasalams marriage to aisha when she was in a very young age ??!

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