I am having video loading/playing/buffering/pausing issues. What should I do?

Bayyinah Admin -

Please take the following actions:
1. Make sure all of your Adobe software is up to date, especially Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player.
2. Make sure all your Java software is up to date.
3. Try different browsers (such as Google Chrome and Firefox).
4. Check your internet speed here
5. Clear your cache and cookies. In IE, disabling the compatibility settings resolves the issue. You may also want to try to set to default settings.
6. Refresh your screen/Reboot the system.

If you are still experiencing issues, please use our chat support.

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    Fauzia Iqbal

    I am encountering extreme difficulty listening to the two sessions of day 21 of Quran for young adults. The videos are constantly freezing. I have been trying for several days, at different times of the days, via safari and via Google. Plz tell me what I can do to rectify this. I really need to complete this. I am doing this with a group of kids. And I really want to finish the sessions with them. Kindly help.

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    Fauzia Iqbal

    It's only happening in those videos, it's not happening in any other videos, so it has nothing to do with my iPad or internet speed.

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    Shafaq Kazi

    Salam Sr. Fauzia, It seems like you were already helped by one of our agents, Sr. Zena. Using a different device (Desktop or laptop) may help, inshaAllah.

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