Will my account/card be charged automatically monthly/yearly?

Shafaq Kazi -

Yes, you will be automatically charged every month/year. 

Because the Bayyinah TV subscription is an automatic recurring payment, $11/$112 are auto charged on your credit card every month/year unless you cancel your subscription. You receive unlimited access to current and future Bayyinah TV content. You are free to cancel anytime.


To cancel your Monthly subscription, please click HERE.

To cancel your Yearly subscription, please click HERE.

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    I signed up on Bayyinah TV couple of months back using my debit card and not credit card. Since i left the country i am no longer using the debit. However i still have access to Bayyinah TV please make a provision for me to pay as i tried using a new login ID with a new email ID by paying through a Debit Card but i am not able to do so. Kindly help as we don't use credit cards (Last time your team helped me by paying through debit card)

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    Shafaq Kazi

    The credit card option is for both credit and debit cards; you can enter your debit card information in the same box as credit card. Please write to tv@bayyinah.com and provide the new email id. InshaAllah, one of our agents should be able to assist you.

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