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A flowing translation of the Qur'an with an emphasis on coherence and subtleties lost in translation. An effective way of getting introduced to the Qur'an through a guided study. The explanation is made simple to understand and deep in meaning. 

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    How do l get to see and participate in this Quranic study? What does take to do so?

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    Tariq Ali

    It only goes up to surah 85, when will the rest be posted?

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    Shafaq Kazi

    As Salam u Alaikum,
    We have currently halted the recording and posting of the rest of the 30th juz on Bayyinah TV due to logistical reasons.
    For the time being, you can use the free Bayyinah Podcasts to listen to the explanation of the remaining surahs. You can find the explanation of all of the 30th juz here: http://podcast.bayyinah.com/category/juz_amma/.


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    Hina malik

    How do i participates in divine speech.

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    Dalel Bouallous

    salamu alaikum .. am new and i actually can't understand anything

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    Shafaq Kazi

    As Salam u Alaikum Dalel, I don't see you in our records as a Bayyinah TV subscriber. To enroll and get access to Bayyinah TV now, please visit www.bayyinah.tv and click "Sign up" in the upper-right corner. You may browse through the Help Center https://bayyinahtv.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.
    It has answers to most FAQs.

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    Sohel Khan

    How can i participate in Quran Cover 2 cover program?

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    zia anjum mehdi

    How to start this course please advise ..I m not finding anything here....plz help and advise.I register myself for Quranic Arabic course.

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