Where are all my favorite courses from the old Bayyinah TV website?

Bayyinah Admin -

For your sole benefit, Bayyinah TV’s new platform features some new course and program names and better organization. These changes will enhance your experience using the site, ensure that you easily find what you need and organize your learning journey in a meaningfully cumulative way!

Here’s what you need to know ‐

● “Qur'an: Cover to Cover” series is now titled “A Concise Commentary”.

● “Qur'an: Cover to Cover 2.0” is now titled “A Deeper Look”.

● “Putrajaya International Convention Center Malaysia ‐ Divine Speech” can be found in the “Quran” section.

● “Quran for Young Adults” is now titled, “A Thematic Overview” under the  " Quran Overview" section. 

● “Kahf ‐ Quran In Depth” can be found in the “Quran: A Deeper Look” section.

● “10 Day Reading Challenge” is now titled “Reading Basics” under '10 Days Challenge"

● “Reading 201” is now titled “Reading Fluency” under the "Reading Flow" section. 

● “Arabic with Husna Bootcamp” is now “Arabic with Husna Unit 1”.

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