Will my account/card be charged automatically monthly/yearly?

Shafaq Kazi -

Yes, you will be automatically charged every month/year. 

Because the Bayyinah TV subscription is an automatic recurring payment, $11/$112 are auto charged on your credit card every month/year unless you cancel your subscription. You receive unlimited access to current and future Bayyinah TV content. You are free to cancel anytime.


To cancel your Monthly subscription, please click HERE.

To cancel your Yearly subscription, please click HERE.

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    Hammad Mustafa

    This is not a very decent way of dong business forcing your customers into regular payment.

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    Shafaq Kazi

    As Salam u Alaikum, We are sorry you feel this way. Customers are always free to cancel. All the cancellation forms and info is easily available on our Help Center.
    Our customers request us to put them on an autorenewal plan. This ensures that your Bayyinah TV service will continue uninterrupted should you choose to continue.

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